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We are super proud of the newest installation of public art! 9 of 11 boots were installed in various locations in the town of Abilene, Kansas. The boots are four feet high, and they showcase just some of the things that make Abilene special. The boots were designed and painted by Abilene residents. This project was an effort that was presented by Wanda Pitney, an Abilene resident. Funding for the project was from the Community Foundation of Dickinson County, Quality of Life Coalition and Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthy Pathways grants. The Arts Council of Dickinson County was asked to complete the project. The 150 pound concrete slabs the boots are affixed to were designed and donated by Martin Schneider of Midwest Concrete. The locations of the boots and the concrete slabs were implemented by the city of Abilene. There are 11 boots total for this series. Stay tuned for more updates!


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